Karen Coleman

President and CEO


57 East Armat Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Karen Coleman

Karen Coleman is an experienced business leader and social welfare advocate. In addition to having a heart dedicated to assisting children and families, Ms. Coleman possesses executive experience in organizational, policy, business development, strategic planning, and fiscal management.

In 2017, Coleman accepted the position of CUA Director for Tabor Community Partners and managed the highly successful CUA Case Management and Prevention Programs. During her time in this position, she created a performance-focused culture and achieved a 22% increase in CUA service quality. In addition, Coleman was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2020 to oversee operational excellence in the organization's efficiency and productivity.

Observing that medical compliance is a significant opportunity in child welfare, Coleman appointed a specialized team dedicated to prioritizing mental and physical medical concerns for children, youth, and families. Her medical model is in the process of being evaluated in consideration of becoming a prototype for other family services organizations.

Ms. Coleman holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Planning and Administration from Pennsylvania State College, a Masters of Social Work from Temple University, a Masters of Science in Project Management from Drexel University. She is currently a Doctor of Healthcare Management candidate from Virginia University of Lynchburg.