Tabor Mentoring Program is available to all youth receiving AIP services. Our mission is to empower youth who are preparing to leave the child welfare system through the means of a mentoring relationship. In partnership with the Independent Living Services program a mentoring program has been incorporated as part of a continuum of care. Tabor supports a mentoring specialist who facilitates a program that helps adult volunteers form healthy and lasting relationships with youth in order to provide them with confidence, stability and life skills. The youth’s participation is completely voluntary.

The mentors are supervised weekly and are expected to provide weekly documentation of their visits. The mentoring specialists are on call to the mentors 24/7. We always look to recruit mentors that reflect the cultural diversity of the mentee's we service. To that end, we look to partner with various organizations throughout the county that provide a direct connection to the Hispanic and Black communities.

Types of Mentoring:

  • Traditional
  • College
  • Mother-Baby
  • Transitional
  • Corporate


For questions about Tabor's mentor programs please contact:

Our Location


601 New Britain Road
Doylestown, PA 18901

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