The Child Specific Recruitment (CSR) Worker is responsible for transitioning youth to permanency via Adoption from foster care, focusing primarily on children for whom it has been traditionally difficult to find families: older children, groups of siblings, and children with physical or emotional challenges. The CSR Worker employs effective, aggressive, and accountable child- specific recruitment activities as prescribed in the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) Benchmarks and Bulletins. They directly engage youth to explore their attitudes towards adoption and seek their input on prospective adoptive resources. The CSR Worker develops and implements a recruitment strategy, promotes, markets, and describes the children on their caseload to the community in order to attract interested parties to provide a permanent home for the child. CSR Worker will team with county, CUA, PAE, and additional recruitment professionals to support each child. The CSR Worker may be responsible for the completion of additional child based services, such as a Child Profile and Child Preparation for clients assigned to their recruitment caseload.


Bachelor's Degree in social work or related field required. EXPERIENCE

Experience in child welfare service system (2 or more years) preferred, but not required. Position is open to those new to the career field. Knowledge of SWAN, CUA, and PAE a plus.


• High level of computer competency in Windows & Microsoft Office environment required and familiarity with search engines and search technology preferred
• Strong oral and written communication skills

• Strong organization skills
• Exceptional time-management skills
• Ability to communicate by email and phone
• Ability to manage a flexible work schedule based on case needs
• Ability to handle multiple tasks while achieving accuracy
• Strong customer service skills
• Ability to work with highly confidential information and of maintaining composure under duress


 Provide a valid PA child abuse clearance, FBI check and Criminal Background Check. Extensive driving is required. The use of a personal automobile is required with valid auto insurance and driver’s license. The employee must be free from any communicable/infectious diseases.


• Working in collaboration with the case planning team on the recruitment of adoptive resources for the youth. There needs to be a minimum of monthly contact with the child's caseworker.
• Assignment of 12-15 CSR Units of Service with additional assignments of Child Profile and Child Preparation as needed not to exceed 20 open Units of Service at any one time.

• Attending bi-weekly supervision with the supervisor to present and discuss case situations and provide update on status of current work; carries out supervisor directions regarding planning and service follow up.
• Attending educational opportunities provided by Tabor and SWAN to include, but not limited to classroom training, online modules, benchmark trainings, webinars, and SWAN Quarterly and bi- annual Statewide Meetings.

• Implementing the SWAN Child Specific Recruitment Model as prescribed in the benchmarks.
• Assuring the necessary authorizations are secured to utilize photos of CSR children in line with the Child-Focused Recruitment Model as permitted by the custodial agency.
• Entering accurate data daily into SWAN Portal benchmark Cost/Time Log.
• Completion of initial, monthly, and final summary reports as prescribed in the CSR benchmark. • Participating in regional match events and general recruitment service options within Philadelphia; Wednesday’s Child, KYW Radio, Google Groups, etc.
• Adhering to policies and procedures as mandated by the assigned county and PA DHS as it pertains to safety, confidentiality, and reporting.
• Participating in Family Team Conferences, Court Hearing, and other meetings to advance permanency for children and families.
• Ensure collaboration with onsite Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter for joint caseload needs.
• Organize and host one Match Event at Tabor yearly with the assistance of the Permanency Program Manager.


• Demonstrated experience with outreach and community relations
• Strong community organizing skills and ability to build inter-agency and intra-agency partnerships

• Exceptional time-management
• Excellent public relation skills with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing with diverse individuals and groups
• Strong organizational, planning, and coordination skills
• Ability to mediate, manage conflict and perform successful negotiations
• Ability to work independently
• Strong interpersonal and cognitive skills in analysis, assessment, creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making
• Knowledge of and skill in group facilitation

• Demonstrated knowledge and ability to work effectively with children and youth with special needs and their families.
• Sensitivity and competency in relating to individuals and groups of diverse cultural backgrounds • Ability to drive during day and evening hours to various geographic areas

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $35,000.00 to $41,000.00 /year