Becoming a Parent

So You Want To Be A "Parent"

First Things First, Are You:

  • 21 years of age or older?
  • Presently employed and/or have a source of income?
  • Able to provide a loving and nurturing home for a child?
  • Do you have an open heart and willingness to provide a loving home and  safe enviornment?

The road to becoming a Adoptive Parent or Foster Parent with Tabor begins with completing our general pre-service training class series. Our training classes are generally six weeks long, with one class per week.

Topics covered during the training sessions are: 

  • Overview on children from the system
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Fire Safety
  • Health and Wellness and more!

***During the pre-service training process, candidates must apply for required clearances: FBI, Child Abuse and State Criminal Record. Additional documents will be collected during this process to allow us to get to know each candidate and his/her background for screening purposes.***

Next Steps:

Once you complete the Pre-service training classes you may be eligible to move on to the Home Study portion of the certification, where a Tabor designee would come to your home to inspect and assure it is fit for a foster child placement.

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